Previous Communication Projects Completed

Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies: Alberta Immigrant Serving Sector  Compensation Report. Calgary, 2016.

The purpose of the report is to provide the AAISA membership, funders, and other interested stakeholders, an updated review of the Sector Compensation Committee’s initiatives through the years 2007 to 2014.  The Sector Compensation Committee’s intent in producing this report is to highlight the positive progress made through the project’s research initiatives, to the advances made in achieving equivalent salaries for settlement and integration practitioners, in comparison to other human service professionals working in both government and other non-profit sectors.

Mindwise Communications completely rewrote and organized the research findings using additional research as needed; provided and wrote conclusions and recommendations; and then wrote the Executive Summary for this project.

Job Search Strategies for Newcomers Handbook

The Career Bridge Workshop Handbook consists of the following modules:

  1. SELF ASSESSMENT – Interests, skills/abilities, accomplishments, & transferable skills
  2. RESEARCH – Sources of information (published & hidden), labour market information, occupational categories, company websites, associations, informational interviews, job seeker business cards, professional associations and accreditation
  3. EVALUATION – Decision making for target jobs, re-training, survival jobs, developing a career plan
  4. JOB FINDING STRATEGIES & MARKETING YOURSELF – Cover letters, resumes, the job interview, references, follow-up, networking, employment agencies, jobs ads, Internet sites
  5. NEGOTIATION, JOB RETENTION AND EXPECTATIONS – Job offers, salary negotiations, start-dates, training, clarification on role and responsibilities, reporting structure, Canadian workplace culture

The CBW modules’ format includes instruction on the content of the material combined with practical exercises and hands-on activities.

Path Finding For Newcomers – Settlement Planning Tool for Client Directed Goal Setting and Action Steps

The booklet is a communication and planning tool.  It allows the client and settlement counselor to discuss the newcomer’s settlement needs, and goals for the future.  It is an action plan for positive results towards the newcomer’s definition of success.

Funding Application Questionnaire responses for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, for the Language as a Second Language Program, Refugee Child Enhanced Integration Project, and the Airport Reception Program
Proposal Application for the for Resettlement and Employment Services in Calgary
Integrated Service Program Overview and Description of Services Supplemental Report (20 pages) to the One-Year Funding Application Form

As part of the agency’s ongoing development of resettlement, employment and integration services, it was requested of Mindwise Communications to compile a detailed description of the Integrated Service Program operations (ISP). The purpose was to provide an overview of how the ISP works within the context of the agency and within the framework of the overall client resettlement process.  It was hoped by supplementing the application document with a broader picture analysis of the agency’s services and the needs of the clients, both the agency and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), in partnership, can better equip themselves with information for future planning.  The planning would occur within the new CIC framework of an integrated, client centered, evidence based resettlement model.

Newsletter, Finding the Answers for Newcomers to Calgary

The purpose of this Newsletter is to give additional online resettlement resource listings and to explain what  settlement services the agency provides for newcomers to Calgary.

Proposal Applications for the Refugee Assistance program and the Airport Reception program for funding from CIC and Alberta Employment and Immigration
Proposal application for new services proposed by the agency for a resettlement & employment program for immigrants/refugees in Brooks (accepted and funded)
Industry Recommended Practices in the Petroleum Industry

Mindwise Communications consulted on these projects to collect the information from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and the committee to compile, write, review and format the original documents.

IRP Volume #8 – Pumping of Flammable Fluids
IRP 8 addresses the issue of safe handling and pumping of flammable fluids during well servicing operations.

IRP8 was initially published in July of 2002 after Petroleum Services Association of Canada, PSAC, formed the committee to develop recommended practices for equipment, procedures and personnel to safely handle the fluids associated with the pumping of flammable fluids.

IRP Volume #15 – Snubbing Operations

The purpose of this document is to provide easily accessible snubbing operation guidelines for all personnel involved in the development, planning and execution of the snubbing program.

IRP 15 was initially sanctioned and published in November 2003.  Mindwise Communications consulted on this project through PSAC to collect the information from SME’s in the committee to compile, write, review and format the original document.

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, CAPP, Guide for the Selection and Use of Flame Resistant Workwear

This document is intended to provide guidance for the selection, use and care of flame resistant workwear (FRW) for protection against exposure of individuals to a hydrocarbon flash fire. Most of the material in this section has been drawn from the original CAPP document on FRW released in 1999.

Through CAPP’s committee, Mindwise Communications collected information from SME’s and wrote the original document.


Clients achieved targets of:

  • funding for programming to settle immigrants and refugees to Calgary
  • developing new programming in the settlement sector
  • audiences receiving and acting upon the messages from clients
  • establishing new standards for the petroleum sector