How do you know that your project or service is making a difference?  How do you determine if you are achieving the results you intended?

You worked hard in the planning process.  Groups were consulted, and a needs assessment was conducted.  All the pieces were put into place:  the people, the training, the money, the operations and the delivery of the project.

And from this effort the project is up and running.

But now you need to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of your project, service or program.  What impact is your organization making?  How do you document the results and evaluate the success?

It is important to showcase your programs’ results and impact to increase visibility of your organization and to demonstrate your organization’s achievements.

Research and Evaluation Services

Mindwise Communications can help you answer these questions in providing the research and evaluation services to meet your needs.

There are two types of program evaluations:

  • Formative -any evaluation that takes place before or during a project’s implementation with the aim of improving the project’s design and performance.
  • Summative – programs or projects are assessed at the end of an operating cycle, and findings typically are used to help decide whether a program should be adopted, continued, or modified for improvement.

You need both evaluation methods to provide staff with ongoing feedback for program modifications (formative) as well as periodic review of long-term progress on major program goals and objectives (summative).

This helps you to meet regular reporting requirements.

Mindwise Communications can help you with both evaluations ends of the cycle, formative and summative, just one, or the pieces in between.  It is up to you.

“Mindwise Communications has been a big asset to CCIS in acquiring funds through the proposal writing process from both the provincial and federal government. Diana provides excellent research services, is well organized and a strategic thinker with excellent writing skills. We have used her consulting services many times and we will again in the future. Outstanding service!”

— Fariborz Birjandian, Executive Director, Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (2012)


Performance management is also important to evaluate in measuring how well staff perform.  A performance management system consists of four major stages:

  • Planning – goal setting, both career development and work objectives
  • Feedback
  • Appraisals/Reviews
  • Coaching/Mentoring/Performance Improvement Plans

It is a continuous process between managers and employees to plan, monitor, and review an employee’s work objectives and overall contribution to the organization.

Mindwise Communications can help you assess your performance management system and then recommend and deliver improvements to enhance components.

Or perhaps you are starting from scratch?  And you do not have a performance management system in place.  Mindwise Communications can provide consulting services to assist you in developing and implementing a successful system.

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